Design Story Behind the Affectionately Side Table

1x1 Modern Design Story Affectionately

For the Affectionately side table, we decided to tackle it first to meet a set of functional needs before any aesthetics were considered. Since we are all a bit nerdy here at 1x1 Modern, this approach suited us fine.

1x1 Modern Affectionately Side TableWe made the Affectionately side table as a bedside table for a dear customer of ours. He had some specific needs: He wanted to be able to see his smartphone just be turning his head while in bed, he wanted to hide away his watch and wallet in a drawer, but have some nighttime reading books and magazines easily within arm's reach.

Affectionately Side TableSo there you have it. Form meets function in the Affectionately side table. It has a felt-lined top drawer that is just the right depth to store away small valuables such as watches, rings and wallets. It has an open shelf for your books and magazines. And depending on the height you specify, there is even a deeper, lower drawer for bulkier items.

We are finding with other customers that being able to specify the size of the bedside table is now more important than ever. For many good reasons, modern beds with thick, comfortable upholstered headboards are very popular now, and many people are finding that normal bedside tables are simply not deep enough to use comfortably from those beds. That's when you should get your bedside table custom made, made to measure and made to order at 1x1 Modern.  1x1 Modern Custom Furniture

Modern Beds with Thick Upholstered Headboards

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