Just some weekend fun...

Affectionately Coat Racks Extensively Initially Openly Store news Vertically Warmly

It's all a little silly, but we were having a little fun with Photoshop effects over the weekend with some of our modern, custom-made, made-to-measure, made-to-order furniture. We thought some of these "auto" special effects looked really good, maybe interesting enough to share. So here they are:

Affectionately Side Table

Affectionately Side Table


1x1 Modern Affectionately Side Table

Initially Side Table

1x1 Modern Initially Side Table

1x1 Modern Initially Side Table

Warmly Sofa Table

1x1 Modern Warmly Sofa Table

Willingly and Sharply Coat Racks

1x1 Modern Willingly Coat Rack

1x1 Modern Sharply Coat Rack

Extensively Buffet

1x1 Modern Extensively Buffet

Vertically Console

1x1 Modern Vertically Console

Openly Console

1x1 Modern Openly Whatever Console

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