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Design Story Behind the Affectionately Side Table

1x1 Modern Design Story Affectionately

For the Affectionately side table, we decided to tackle it first to meet a set of functional needs before any aesthetics were considered. Since we are all a bit nerdy here at 1x1 Modern, this approach suited us fine. We made the Affectionately side table as a bedside table for a dear customer of ours. He had some specific needs: He wanted to be able to see his smartphone just be turning his head while in bed, he wanted to hide away his watch and wallet in a drawer, but have some nighttime reading books and magazines easily within arm's reach....

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Design Story Behind the Initially Side Table

1x1 Modern Design Story Initially

One of our most popular side tables is the Initially side table. We think it is because it is a type of a side table that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. As originally designed, it has very weird proportions, much deeper than it is wide (whereas most furniture is either much wider than it is deep, or at best, square-ish). Initially's design came about because one of our customers bought a really long Nicoletti sofa, with an extra long armrest. When she put that sofa against the only wall in her condo where it would fit, she had only...

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