Our Color Lacquers

Color lacquers, because they impart a nice even finish to the furniture, are a great choice for modern furniture designs. We offer the following 15 variety of color lacquers. We chose to offer these so that you get a nice palette of color to fit the look you are going for. Please bear in mind that although we tried to be as accurate as possible, different computer screens and monitors may show colors differently.

 Black Color Lacquer

Lacquer on our MDF substrate imparts a nice smooth and perfectly even finish to your furniture.

Gray Color Lacquer

Wood veneers might make your furniture look serious and mature, while you could say, colored furniture is young and playful (which is why color lacquers are so frequently used with children's furniture).

Light Gray Color Lacquer

Light Gray
And unlike wood veneers, with color lacquers, you get a choice of colors that you might not be able to find in nature, like this Light Gray.

White Color Lacquer White
White color lacquer... absence of color, or the presence of color white, you decide.
Purple Color Lacquer

Many equate Purple with royalty, or the late great singer-songwriter, Prince.

Dark Blue Color Lacquer Dark Blue
Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue.
Blue Color Lacquer Blue
Blue, Blue, Blue.
Light Blue Color Lacquer Light Blue
Light Blue, Sky Blue, Celestial Blue.
Green Color Lacquer

We might have called this Hunter Green, but we just decided to call it Green.

Olive Green Color Lacquer Olive Green
One of lesser "primary color" choices in our palette of choices.
Lime Green Color Lacquer Lime Green
We say, use Lime Green cautiously, or with wild abandon, whatever you prefer.
Yellow Color Lacquer

Same with Yellow... Caution or wild abandon.

Orange Color Lacquer Orange
Could Orange be a safe choice? Or is it one of those colors you should choose with caution? Or with wild abandon?
Maroon Color Lacquer Maroon
Wait, isn't Maroon the same as brown? If it is applied to furniture, which is made out of brown wood anyway, why not choose one of the wood veneers? But then again, why would you not?
Red Color Lacquer

Ah the color of passion, Red.

All our color lacquers receive a protective coating of polyurethane. We offer two levels of coating glossiness: Satin and Glossy

Satin Coating on Wood Veneer
Satin coating on wood veneer
Satin Coating on Color Lacquer
Satin coating on color lacquer
Glossy Coating on Wood Veneer
Glossy coating on wood veneer
Glossy Coating on Color Lacquer
Glossy coating on color lacquer
  • Satin coating is not very reflective (more like a dull, indistinct shine) on both wood veneer or color lacquer, and is generally a good choice for most household furniture and would complement well the other furniture you have.
  • Glossy coating is very reflective (like very shiny nail polish), and that is good for accent piece or special pieces that you might want to make stand out. Glossy coating on a big piece of furniture can look a little overwhelming, however.

If you would like to ask for a different color lacquer, or have suggestions on future color choices, please let us know with your order, contact us, or send us a message at  1x1 Modern