Why are all the dimensions in centimeters?

Centimeter and Inches Ruler

Yes, that is weird, right? As an American company which ships only to America, you'd think that we should use the good old U.S. Imperial system of feet and inches. And as woodworkers and cabinetmakers, we are actually more used to inches and one-eighth of inch, which is the level of precision we work to.

But unfortunately, when we got around to making this website, we found out that you cannot input fractions of an inch in this e-commerce platform that we are using. We could have limited the inputs to whole inches, but we didn't think that is the level of precision you would want for your custom-made, made-to-measure furniture. 1 inch is eight times one eighth of an inch, or more than 2.5 cm – just not precise enough. Because 1 cm is equal to 0.39 inch, that gets you much closer to a more precisely sized custom-made furniture that you want and need.

Metric and Imperial Tape MeasureWe hope that you won't mind investing in a metric/imperial tape measure (which you can easily buy here), or a unit converter app on your smartphone (iOS and Android), so that you can give us the dimensions you want in centimeters. After all, the rest of the world is using the metric system, and we hope that you won't mind too.

If 1 cm is not enough precision for you, then we are willing to work to 1 mm (millimeter) level of precision. Please contact us to discuss your needs.