Proudly coat rack in a modern hallway by 1x1 Modern Custom Furniture, custom-made and made-to-measure

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Proudly Coat Rack


If you are an architectural buff, or have warm fondness for or great pride about the great city of San Francisco, then this coat rack is for you. This coat rack is not an exact replica of anything real, but it is very reminiscent of a certain pointy tower in downtown San Francisco, that gem of a Golden City by the Bay, and anyone who is interested in or has an eye for architecture will immediately see the similarities.

Because a coat rack is a coat rack, there are no dimensional choices for the Proudly coat rack. It is 40 cm (15.7 inches) width by 40 cm (15.7 inches) depth at its base, with a height of 181 cm (71.2 inches), or about 6 feet tall.

Pointedly coat rack dimensions by 1x1 Modern, custom-made and made-to-measure

But as with any 1x1 Modern furniture that is custom-made for you, you can choose the wood veneer or color lacquer finish for the coat rack. The coat rack shown above was finished in white oak. Please make your choices below and then we will make and deliver for you your own custom-made Proudly coat rack.


Proudly coat rack is available in the following wood veneer and color lacquer finishes.

Wood Veneers: Click here for more info...

Cherry wood veneer finish
Mahogany wood veneer finish
Red Oak wood veneer finish
Red Oak
Walnut wood veneer finish
Maple wood veneer finish
White Oak wood veneer finish
White Oak
White Ash wood veneer finish
White Ash
Gray Ash wood veneer finish
Gray Ash
Black Ash wood veneer finish
Black Ash
Blue Ash wood veneer finish
Blue Ash
Bamboo wood veneer finish
Wenge wood veneer finish
Ebony wood veneer finish
Zebrawood wood veneer finish
Burl Walnut wood veneer finish
Burl Walnut


 Color Lacquers: Click here for more info...

Black color lacquer finish
Gray color lacquer finish
Light Gray color lacquer finish
Light Gray
White color lacquer finish
Purple color lacquer finish
Dark Blue color lacquer finish
Dark Blue
Blue color lacquer finish
Light Blue color lacquer finish
Light Blue
Green color lacquer finish
Olive Green color lacquer finish
Olive Green
Lime Green color lacquer finish
Lime Green
Yellow color lacquer finish
Orange color lacquer finish
Maroon color lacquer finish
Red color lacquer finish


After you choose wood veneer or color lacquer, you will also be able to choose the level of glossiness for the protective polyurethane coating. We offer two levels of coating glossiness: Satin and Glossy

Satin Coating on Wood Veneer
Satin coating on wood veneer
Satin Coating on Color Lacquer
Satin coating on color lacquer
Glossy Coating on Wood Veneer
Glossy coating on wood veneer
Glossy Coating on Color Lacquer
Glossy coating on color lacquer
  • Satin coating is not very reflective (more like a dull, indistinct shine) on both wood veneer or color lacquer, and is generally a good choice for most household furniture and would complement well the other furniture you have.
  • Glossy coating is very reflective (like very shiny nail polish), and that is good for accent piece or special pieces that you might want to make stand out. Glossy coating on a big piece of furniture can look a little overwhelming, however.



Is the Proudly coat rack a replica of any real building or tower?

No. The Proudly coat rack was inspired by a certain pointy tower in San Francisco and we hope that when you look at this coat rack, it will evoke that San Francisco landmark for you, but it is not a replica. All of the real tower's features are missing for starters, so our Proudly coat rack is more of a design abstraction of the real thing than a replica. Replicas that look like the real thing you can find in any souvenir shop all around San Francisco.

Is the Proudly coat rack custom-made or made-to-measure?

As with any 1x1 Modern furniture, the Proudly coat rack is custom-made to your specifications in terms of finish -- wood veneer or color lacquer finish, glossy or satin coating. However, we think a coat rack is a coat rack and there is no need for you to specify the size. The Proudly coat rack is 40 cm (15.7 inches) wide by 40 cm (15.7 inches) deep at its base, with a height of 181 cm (71.2 inches), or about 6 feet tall. BUT, we are a custom furniture company. If you would like to make any changes, please contact us and just let us know.

How long does it take to make and deliver the Proudly coat rack?

Generally, it takes about 5 to 7 weeks for us to make the Proudly coat rack and have it delivered to you, although there might be circumstances where we might be able to have it done sooner or later. We will constantly keep you updated on its status throughout the process. If for any reason we cannot deliver it to you in 12 weeks or less, then we will offer you the option to cancel the order for a full refund.

Can the Proudly coat rack be made a little differently one way or another?

Yes, of course. We are a custom furniture company. Please contact us and just let us know.


   We will make this and deliver to you in 5 to 7 weeks

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